Let's connect on Instagram! by Darja Brouwers

©Darja Brouwers

©Darja Brouwers

A little while ago I started to share my illustrations, some sneakpeaks and work in progress on Instagram. (with a focus on illustration and sometimes some graphic design ingredients)
Still wondering why I didn't started earlier with this nice platform. ; )
So wouldn't it be nice if we connect on Instagram too? Let's share some nice pictures and beautiful stories with eachother!

Aquarel in progress by Darja Brouwers

Gisteren deelde ik al even een sneakpeak op Instagram (darja_nl) van het prille begin van een nieuwe aquarel: 'The start of something new... I'm curious what the process will bring. Some sunglasses? Some weird facepaint? Will there be an edge, or...? I'm always excited about this : )'
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